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[10 Jun 2008|09:26pm]


so yeah.
thanks for adding me on aim!
heres my screen name if you havent already read it
jace xD
i really got so much thinspo, and support , and i started the abc diet with someone!
if u dont have aim, or msn, or anything like that, i really think u should get it, it help u keep yourself motivated! ^^
 heres some thinspo for you all

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[09 Jun 2008|03:09pm]

ive noticed many people on here have aim instead of msn, so i created an aim account!
i though maybe we could give support to eachother and stuff like that, when im home, im always online! so if you want, you can add me!
jace xD
yup. with the space.
or if you want ill add you, but post your screen name!
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[08 Jun 2008|09:53am]

i went to the doctor's for a checkup [i broke my foot]
and while he was checking my other foot, he noticed one toenail was kinda black.
toenails get black for what you eat. or drink. ouch.
so i guess he found out that:
a. i love vodka
b. i dont eat anything.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! my mom told him its because i drink a lot of coke zero, and it has many bad thigns in it. phew!


tonight i have a dinner at a chinese place with some friends.
its like the first time i find myself forced to go to one of these dinners, instead of beeing able to wiggle out of them.
what can i do? i dont want to eat! i started a fast yesterday, and its going so good!!!!!
please, do u know anything i could eat? veggies?

and i fought with my mom because she keeps buying me junk food [cookies, brownies, ice creams, cake, chips....]
and she got all mad and said she's not going to buy me any more food ^^
OMG!!! isnt this my dream????? ahahahahahah im happy.
i wont even get tempted to eat, because theres nothing TO eat!!!!! xD MUahuhauahuahUAhUAHUA

HW: 116.6
CW: 113.6
LW: 107.58
GW: 85.8
Height: 5'1
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[07 Jun 2008|10:15pm]

i want to shed a quick 5 pounds...any good ideas?!? god i know its stupid asking for help like this, but i don't know..i guess i just need some encouragement?
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[28 May 2008|07:14pm]

As a fellow mod (of bleed_me_skinny) and avid lj’er for over 4 years I’m letting you know that visualgirly was in my community and when she started to post spam like on her journal. I mean like 10/15 posts a day about it and this is a direct quote from her info “I am a Prothinspoer... I am in love with visualization and thinspiration to keep myself skinny forever... Prothinspo.com is my guide to my lifestyle. I am a person who is always on the hunt for new celebrity gossip and diet tips.” Need more proof that she is a troll? Her lj is far less then a year old; she has over 1,000 friends and is spamming around 650 communities.

I have allot of friends on lj and everyone I know in many communities are very sick of her. I noticed that she was in your community and would just like to let you know the kind of person she is. She makes personal attacks to people if they post pics, and all she does is plug that stupid site that tells one how to get an eating disorder.

I am sick of seeing her everywhere I go and so are many of my friends.

Just make sure if you delete her posts you mark them as spam!

Just a warning, tell your friends…if it were up to me and many people I know she would be shut down like all the other trolls.

♠ Kelly

If anyone would like to join my community feel free….its a troll free zone. But if you join…post loads please :)
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[31 Mar 2008|09:58am]

Hi guys, I'm fixing to create my first ever YOUTUBE thinspo!! (My poor brother has had to show me how to use all kinds of crazy cool software lol) I would love to make it a Real Girl Thinspo to inspire others to keep going and that they can achieve it too! I don't want just a bunch of generic pics that are used in every thinspo so what I would like from you guys is your pics if you don't mind... before and afters, hip bones, thin legs ect... I promise to be responsible with anything you provide me with, I just want to do something spectacular for the Ana community!

Thanks Guys and Think Thin!
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[31 Mar 2008|09:58am]

 Hi guys, I'm fixing to create my first ever YOUTUBE thinspo!! (My poor brother has had to show me how to use all kinds of crazy cool software lol) I would love to make it a Real Girl Thinspo to inspire others to keep going and that they can achieve it too! I don't want just a bunch of generic pics that are used in every thinspo so what I would like from you guys is your pics if you don't mind... before and afters, hip bones, thin legs ect... I promise to be responsible with anything you provide me with, I just want to do something spectacular for the Ana community!

Thanks Guys and Think Thin!
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[15 Mar 2008|02:35pm]

yech, my stomach keeps making noises!how do i get it to shut up?!?!
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it's you and me tonight// [06 Jan 2008|09:53am]


So, yesterday I was starting 8642 and doing pretty well. I had a muffin around 2 and then was just gonna have some veggies when I got home from work. Well, after work my gym buddy, Megan, and I worked out. I lovelovelove working out with someone else. You work so much harder. Especially cause Megan is new to the whole gym thing, so I'm showing her the ropes...and I don't want to be a bad role model, so I totally push it. Anyways, we had an amazing workout, my abs and my arms hurt like crazy, I love it. I never feel fulfilled after a workout if my muscles don't hurt. Well, after that my boyfriend sends me a text saying that he wants to have Burger King for dinner. Ahahghakhgfe. So I got to Burger King early, asked for some nutritional information and settled down to find some food under 450 calories, since that's what I had left for the day. Well, he gets there and says he changed his mind, that he wants Pizza Pizza. At this point my stomach is grumbling so when the pizza came, I lost all self control and stuffed HALF of that pizza in my face. For fucks sake. Down two pounds though today. But I still am working on losing the holiday weight so it doesn't really count for much. *sigh* I got a yoga mat and some free weights for Christmas. Does anybody have any good workouts with dumbells that they've used? Also, what are your favourite workout videos? I want to download some to do at home since I've been closing at work so much lately and it doesn't leave me time to work out.

Thanks ladies,
Love always,
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[28 Dec 2007|09:56am]

hey guys i'm new to the community.. and livejournal for that matter haha.
wellll i've had anorexia for about 2 years. i hate it and love it at the same time :]
Age: 15
Gender: girlll
Location: connecticut
Height: 5'6 1/2
CW: 103
HW: 120
LW: 97
STGW: 97
LTGW: 93

you can look at my journal for a picture :]
talk to all of you soon! and feel free to be my friend ahah
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[24 Aug 2007|08:48am]

Pics(optional):This is from when i weighed 115.

Anything Else? hm. Not really. I've been apart of this community for a while. I just disappeared for a while. I'm sorry about that. But i'm back. so hello. lol. I hope everyone is as well as they can be.
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new [15 Aug 2007|02:31pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Name: Jessie
Age: 17
Gender: female
Location: Holliston, Massachusetts
Height: 5'4
CW: 125
BMI: 21.5
HW: 165
LW: 125
STGW: 120
LTGW: 115
Pics: My icon is a picture of me :)

Well hello. My names Jessie. I've had my ED for 4 years on and off...though it has been much more prevalent this year in particular. I don't like my body at all, and i find the majority of my fulfillment in weightloss since it seems to be the only thing i have control of. 

I'm looking for support, and people that will understand where i'm coming from, and know what it's like to have real eating disorder.

i look forward to getting to know you all. :)

<3 Jessie

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hey ladies [09 Jul 2007|08:41pm]
Hey beautifuls. I'm back to LJ after being in the hospital for an intestinal collapse due to not eating.

Anyway, I'm relapsing so I'm looking to LJ for support.

I just joined this community, it's new and is really selective when it comes to it's membership.


So that means no wannarexics.
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Happy Mother's Day!!!! [13 May 2007|05:33pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hiya all!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

It seems like it's bedtime for everyone else, but it's still early for me here in the Eastern Standard Timezone. 5:34 p.m. to be precise. I just hopped on the scale and I'm down a pound from yesterday. Yay! I really didn't expect it because I am wearing heavy-ish clothes and had just drunk more than half of a large mug of coffee. All the presents are wrapped for my mom, and my younger sister is making breakfast whenever she gets up (yeah, at noon or something:)). Don't worry, we've been doing this for years. I get my own "special" breakfast.:)

Other than that, I've taken two Stacker 3's and I feel like I'm flying high as a kite. Someone here on LJ compared them to cocaine. Are they really as bad? I've been taking them for a long time. Mix them with my high sensitivity to caffeine, and the multiple prescription drugs, and I'm pretty out there. But I do it every day, so everyone's so used to it that when I don't do it they ask "hey, what's wrong with you today?". Isn't that messed up?


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[19 Apr 2007|07:56pm]
Name: Kendra
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: UGHHH
Height: 5'7
CW: 119
BMI: 18.6
HW: 130
LW: 83
STGW: 111
LTGW: 100

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[13 Apr 2007|11:53pm]

So I've binged for the last 3 days

supposedly recovering. Fuck that.

I suck at revcovery.

well I read an article in a magazine about anorexia, it showed photos and shit

then I was like fuck it I"m a fat ass and by no means anorexic so this is gay.

then I was told that i was to go prom dress shoping on sunday.

fucking kill me now, because I am a beached fucking whale.

shot me shot me.

P. S.

I'm tripping.

but this is all true.
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[12 Apr 2007|04:30pm]

I can't do this. I can't.
I'm terrified.
I just binged and binged.
I dont know how to eat how to be normal.

I still haven't logged out of these communities
but I've thrown out my thinspo books
and packed away my size 0 jeans.

I dont know how to do this.

part of me wants recovery, wants the get out of this hell

the other part of me craves starvation

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I think this is goodbye. [11 Apr 2007|08:07pm]

Here is me.

Age: about to be 18
Height between 5'4'' and 5'5''
Hw: 128 ( on a huge full stomach)
LW: 95
CW: 111
BMI 18.3
ED: I believe I'm anorexic.


I think I need to recover. This is tearing apart my life. I'm getting into drugs again.
I'm about to lose my bf for good, and my family, well they are just about ready to ship me off to a hospital.

Many of you add me. I get adds each day. you say i inspire, that I'm thin, beautiful, any adjective. place it there.

I want thin, I do , I want perfection, I even achieved it once.

but happiness. i haven't found it.

I know ana will always be there if I need it, and knowing me I'll find my way back, i always have.

its been about 3 years of a struggle.

I can lose weight, starve for 14 days. Its easy for me.
I can lie, decieve its like a talent, which is sickening.

but maybe I try recovery?
maybe I give these communtities a break?

maybe I see what a bmi of 19 feels like?

advice please/
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[10 Apr 2007|07:15pm]

I took concerta again today,although the high sucked.
I was dizzy, and high at the same time
and kind of depressed.
Wierd combo.

I was freezing too.

I was so afraid I was going to pass out.

Today's intake.
2 Hot Chocolates>300 cals ( most likely less but I round up )

I refuse to weigh myself because i am a beached whale.
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[09 Apr 2007|09:46pm]

I got out of dinner. I did the spit and chew.
I was being watched like a hawk.

I had a Hot choco earlier

so total today was 200 cals.

I hated tonight. Everyone made comments
kept telling me to be happy, kept bringing up how i never smile
that I look so sad.
wtf do i have to plaster a smile to my face?

then later in the night we were all in the living room
and my dad was talking about how he's so good looking
and naturally thin, and my grandma was all llike thats not all that's important
adn he was like well if your 400 pounds you have no self-control.
my grandma shot me a look, and told my dad, well you dont have to be thin
and my dad just went on and on. kind of ironic I think.
when hes pouring food down my fucking throat.

on the ride home my mom was like ur aunt is tiny how much do u think she weighs

i was like 100.

no, she was 110, and 5'2'
appearently I"m under 110 adn 5'5''
and disgusting to my mother.

none of this is acurate to my knowledge
she says thats because I am anorexic

fuck it all

I didn't eat today.
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